October 2016

7 reasons why you should be setting yourself goals

What are goals? What an obvious question. And one we probably all know the answer to. But just in case, goals are a set of results that a person, organisation or a system might desire or envision and they or… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week, Day 5: Be a risk taker

Confident people can just do things, right? Wrong. They’re taking a risk. They don’t know everything, but they’re happy to use what they do know as the basis of a calculated risk. Many people go soaring up the career ladder… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week, Day 4: What do YOU want?

You can be selfish here. It’s about what you want. What you need. You! But selfishness is a negative quality, right? Well, yes, you’re right. No one wants to be around narcissistic, self-absorbed people. The main problem selfless people have… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week, Day 3: Image, darling

It might sound shallow. It might sound like something from the 80s. But ‘powerdressing’ really works. It can have a marked effect on someone’s confidence. Obviously, I’m not suggesting massive shoulder pads and playsuits, but, if you look good, you’ll… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week Day 2: Celebrate achievement

You’re an individual. You’ll have many strengths your peers won’t have. That’s what makes you you. If someone compliments you, try to take it. You don’t need to say, ‘oh, it was nothing’ or ‘person X would have done it… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week Day 1: Appreciate life

Disciplines like counselling tend to concentrate on the past, moving someone from a negative space back to the equilibrium. Coaching can be seen as a forward-looking discipline. It supports people through their progression to a more positive state. As such, it goes… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week: 5 steps to a more confident you

I recently wrote about fear. The flip side of this is, of course, confidence. The greater your confidence, the more effective you’ll be in combating your fears. People who lack confidence often look over at their, seemingly, more confident peers… Continue Reading →

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