January 2018

Confidence Issues? Live A More Confident Life

A few thoughts on CONFIDENCE A few months ago, I attending a Confidence Coaching course. I was discussing with another coach what it meant to lead a confident life and the various strategies therein. As someone who has ‘suffered’ (I… Continue Reading →

Plan your way out of anxiety

Right here, Right now I hold my hand up; I’m one of those people who needs to do everything and needs to do everything right now. I’m also one of those people who sometimes ends up doing nothing and doing… Continue Reading →

Arbitrary Date Gets People Back on Track

Happy New Year. I hope you’re able to accomplish the many things you’re, no doubt, planning right now. As the saying goes, there are three different types of people in the world. ‚ÄúThere are those who make things happen, those… Continue Reading →

Your big list of books to get 2018 off to a great start

Whether you’re getting something for yourself, or for a friend or family member, I hope you and all around you get 2018 off to a cracking start. How To Be Brilliant – Michael Heppell What Color is Your Parachute? –… Continue Reading →

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