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Fear – it’s not helping you. Challenge it

Fear Give into your fear and you’ll become fearful. Afraid. Scared. Incapacitated. If you fight your fears, you might become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. We live in a world that’s geared by fear. I’m not sure if… Continue Reading →

Stop moaning and be grateful

Should you be grateful? Well, there’s the obvious preachy ‘yes’ based on the fact that you’re likely (given the fact you’re using some sort of electrically-powered device connected to the internet) to be among the richest ten percent of people… Continue Reading →

So, you want to drive your career change?

So, as you sit at your desk today, how are you feeling? If you’re looking for a new job, to change career or you’re just not quite sure what lies ahead, there are some things you can do to take… Continue Reading →

Goals: Why aren’t you where you want to be?

Reflection It’s always useful to reflect. Take time out to ask ourselves a few questions and evaluate where we are. Have we achieved what we wanted to achieve? Are we hitting the goals we set for ourselves? Are we where… Continue Reading →

Do you REALLY want it?

Well done, that presentation went really well. You got that promotion. You made your first million. All things to be proud of, I’m sure. Now think about the process you went through to reach your goal. Did it just happen?… Continue Reading →

Is a lack of self-awareness holding you back?

So Why is Self-Awareness a Good Thing Anyway? According to Warwick University, ‘Self-awareness is important because when we have a better understanding of ourselves, we are able to experience ourselves as unique and separate individuals. We are then empowered to… Continue Reading →

Spring into Action

How are you doing? It’s been lovely in London recently. The sun’s been shining. The parks are exploding into a sea of colour. There’s nothing quite like spring to inject a bit of verve and excitement into the day. And… Continue Reading →

Procrastination and overcoming it

Rabbit holes I’ve written on procrastination before. I’ve gone through a period of it recently, so I thought I’d knock something together on the subject. I like to be organised. I love a good plan. Details, details, details. But sometimes,… Continue Reading →

Procrastination: Pull your finger out

This is a fairly long post, but don’t put it off! You don’t want to procrastinate when trying to read about procrastination! What is procrastination? We all suffer from procrastination at one time or another. It’s okay, there’s no need… Continue Reading →

Take control of Your Finances

You Are More Than Your Finances What did wealth mean to you 10 years ago? What does it mean to you now? Has it changed? Does it change depending on how healthy your finances are looking at the time? The… Continue Reading →

7 ways to ‘stop moaning and be grateful’

Following on from a previous article, ‘Stop moaning and be grateful‘, here’s a list of some nice, easy things you can try. Why not introduce one a day for the next week? Drop me an email or leave a comment… Continue Reading →

Don’t Look Back In Anger

It’s not that long ago that I was sat at a desk in a pretty ugly building in a non-glamorous area of London feeling utterly abysmal about myself, my career and my abilities. I’d allowed a Jekyll-and-Hyde-type senior manager to gradually… Continue Reading →

Confidence Issues? Live A More Confident Life

A few thoughts on CONFIDENCE A few months ago, I attending a Confidence Coaching course. I was discussing with another coach what it meant to lead a confident life and the various strategies therein. As someone who has ‘suffered’ (I… Continue Reading →

Plan your way out of anxiety

Right here, Right now I hold my hand up; I’m one of those people who needs to do everything and needs to do everything right now. I’m also one of those people who sometimes ends up doing nothing and doing… Continue Reading →

Arbitrary Date Gets People Back on Track

Happy New Year. I hope you’re able to accomplish the many things you’re, no doubt, planning right now. As the saying goes, there are three different types of people in the world. “There are those who make things happen, those… Continue Reading →

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