It’s always useful to reflect. Take time out to ask ourselves a few questions and evaluate where we are. Have we achieved what we wanted to achieve? Are we hitting the goals we set for ourselves? Are we where we thought we’d be at this point in our life? This might bring about a longing to feel more peaceful, happier, more contented which doesn’t reflect your current day-to-day reality where you might be feeling anxious, and overwhelmed.

Perpetual growth

Since you were born, you’ve been growing. I don’t just mean in the physical sense, but also the mental, conscious, and social senses, among others. We all go through times that cause us to retreat, but then we come back stronger having learnt from the experience.

We’re in a constant state of transition. It might not feel like it sometimes. We might feel stagnant as we sit at our desks staring at a flickering screen. It’s at times like these where what we want to achieve can seem so very far away. So difficult to move towards. Perhaps even unattainable.

Evolving goals

But what is it you want? Where do you actually want to be? Are you simply not there yet because your goals have evolved over time? You’ve been moving towards a goal, but as you’ve approached it, the goal has matured and, as such, it’s now further away.

Or, as part of your progression towards your goal, are you refusing to let go of something, so you can step into the new you that you want to become? Do you have beliefs that are limiting your progress?  These limiting beliefs make transition hard.  Letting go of beliefs, stories, assumptions, values, positions, hopes, dreams, desires can involve a massive amount of effort and a lot of discomfort.  But it is precisely these shifts that allow for change.

What did you really achieve?

Some of the people I have coached have asked me ‘how long will this take?’ in the initial conversation. Or after a few sessions, ‘why am I not there yet?’ Well, change is simply a result of the transition process. If you are always in transition then you may very well fell like you’ve not arrived yet.  It’s likely change has taken place and then the energy of that has shifted you into another transition.

It’s a fluid process, but often the mind likes to see an end point when perhaps there isn’t one! We’re very good at compartmentalising our thoughts. If the box that says ‘I have achieved X’ hasn’t been ticked, then we often see that as a failure. Maybe it wasn’t a failure after all.

Take a look at the journey. What did your achieve? Did you learn anything? Are you now on a better, more progressive path? Have the changes you have achieved opened up possibilities for much better opportunities that you never considered that rainy Wednesday afternoon when you scribbled down your life goals?

Looking forward

So, before you get your notebook out to jot down next year’s goals, reflect positively about your experiences and what you really have achieved. Ask yourself which direction you want to go in, even if you don’t know the final destination. Ask yourself what you need to leave behind and what that might entail.

Best of luck. As always, I love to hear about what you do and how you manage your own life goals. What works for you? Let me know by leaving a comment or dropping me an email.