I thought I’d post a few of the latest testimonials I’ve received. Thanks to all the clients I’ve had, I’ve really enjoyed working with you.


I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Steve for the last few months. He’s worked with me on a range of challenges I’ve been facing, such as starting up my own business and changing my diet and exercise habits. I’m the type of person that spends a lot of time inside my own mind, over-analysing and over-thinking situations. I found that Steve always asked me the right questions at the right time to move me away from my thoughts and towards practical actions.

I used to come to sessions with an idea already in mind as to what I would do to achieve my goal. Steve is the first person to have ever challenged me in a constructive way on this. He helped me to realise that there are so many more options to consider than the first one that comes to my mind, and that it’s actually very liberating to realise how many actions I can take to bring me one step closer to my goals.

I’m often incredibly harsh on myself. Working with Steve has helped me to break out of this harmful habit, as he made me rethink how I don’t take enough time to give myself credit on the things I’ve accomplished. I now take the time to celebrate quick wins on the way towards my goals, and feel happier and much more motivated as a result.

On a final note, the best part of working with Steve was his personality. He’s a great coach, but more importantly to me, he’s sincere and made me feel as if he was genuinely interested in me. His calm tone, professional attitude and genuine compassion were exactly what I needed in a coach. No matter how low my energy was at the start of the session, I’d leave the session feeling positive, energised and ready to take action.

I’ve achieved so much in these last few months, and I can’t express my gratitude enough. I would 100% recommend Steve as a coach to anyone looking to get ‘unstuck’ and achieve their goals. Give Steve a chance – you won’t regret it!

KT, London


The aim of the coaching sessions was primarily to help me put in place a new set of habitual work tasks that would enable me to demonstrably have control over the multiple sets of work-streams I have as a self-employed geologist (and potter) along with maintaining the important parts of my work-life balance.

Overall I would say that through the work with Steve in these sessions, that I achieved exactly (and more) of what I wanted and expected from them.

In tangible terms, I now have in place the following that were all done as explicit or implicit objectives from these coaching sessions:

1. An ongoing weekly planning session based on work breakdown structures

2. A set of personal tools and techniques to motivate me and focus on getting through tasks in a timely way and in consequence a much improved habit of scheduling work and staying on task

3. A growing set of simple processes to continuously improve the running of repeat tasks.

4. Set up regular, ongoing, accounting sessions which enabled bringing forward submission of tax returns by 9 months and saved accountancy fees

5. An ongoing habit of daily meditation, which is tangibly having a progressive effect increasing levels of concentration and decreasing levels of anxiety

6. A significantly improved sense of being in control of the work that needs to be done, both in terms of immediate urgent work and medium and long term important work.

7. Better methods for prioritising work and weighing up when and how it will be delivered.

8. A system of scheduling that allows for flexibility in dealing with ad hoc work and changes in priority during a given week.

9. Creation of time to improve marketing and give space for more creative thinking.

10. An improved sense that I can take personal time for making music, gardening and other activities without the nagging guilt of work not yet done or not under control.

11. An improved sense of self-confidence

This is a considerable list which represents a significant improvement in how getting on with life and work actually feels. This is also likely to have a financial impact as the volume of work achieved and its quality has also been improved which may well see an impact in terms of new work generated, and more timely marketing work has resulted in larger numbers of clients attending events.

The sessions themselves were consistently enjoyable and focussed. Steve was good at setting up a tone in the relationship which made it feel easy to be able to talk and explore my life goals, which continued as positive re-enforcement throughout the sessions which also had the effect of underpinning my self-confidence.

Steve was also good at giving me different ways of framing my thinking about particular problems which helped disentangle my structural thinking about work management (in particular) and map out (and try) new ways of doing things.

There were several particularly good pieces of listening and reflecting – for example noticing the way that I functioned in a different context (University library) and pointing out my effective reward system, and then suggesting how this might be re-framed in other contexts to improve productivity – this was insightful, personal and very useful.

All in all I would highly recommend Steve as a life coach.

IK, Northumberland



Steve has helped me to explore and organise my thoughts and come up with decent action plans to achieve my goals. I had several disparate goals all of which he handled with ease. He helped me to explore their importance to me and how I could achieve them. As a result of Steve’s coaching I have nearly completed a fitness programme that I had been putting off, and I am consistently sticking to my weekly targets within that goal.

His lovely manner of putting me at ease has really helped me to explore some of the beliefs I had been carrying that were holding me back!

Thank you so much!

RB, Texas