Right here, Right now

I hold my hand up; I’m one of those people who needs to do everything and needs to do everything right now. I’m also one of those people who sometimes ends up doing nothing and doing nothing for some time. This is because my mind says ‘I want to do these 20 things’. My rational side then says ‘but it’s not possible to do all these things right now’. And the solution my confused mind comes up with? ‘Just spend a bit of time panicking about it and not doing it and see how we get on.’ Or ‘start this one, oh, no, do a bit of the other, argh, no, do a different one. Hmm, panic.’ Does this sound familiar? You get yourself mega-motivated. You’ve had a great idea. It’s a big idea. Then reality kicks in and you lose focus because you’re putting so much pressure on yourself to get to the end goal before you’ve even started…Anxiety!

Anxiety holding you back

If you suffer from anxiety, even in a mild form, you’ll know the feeling. You’re juggling 20 tasks in your head and getting stressed about each one, but in practise, you make little progress. Well, your saviour might be as simple as just putting together a plan.

Set aside some planning time (yup, plan to plan). Sit down and think through your idea. What’s your end goal? What is it you really want to achieve? And where are you now? What’s reality? Have you made a tentative start? Have you not progressed beyond they idea stage? It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re honest to yourself about where you are and where you want to be, you can fill in the gap… with a plan.

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