Should you be grateful? Well, there’s the obvious preachy ‘yes’ based on the fact that you’re likely (given the fact you’re using some sort of electrically-powered device connected to the internet) to be among the richest ten percent of people on the planet. Likewise, you’re among the most educated since you’re able to actually read this.

It might put things into better perspective, but it doesn’t really help, does it? What’s in it for you? You might be there struggling with confidence issues. You might be half way through yet another awful day in the office. You might have split from your boyfriend at the weekend.

Does being grateful make you happier?

For some time now, ‘they’, the nameless researchers, pollsters and psychologists, have been saying that happier people tend to be more grateful. Are they happy because they have a nicer life and, so, are more thankful for the things they have? Well, it seems not. It seems that showing gratitude can, in itself, make you happier.

It makes sense. If you’re constantly complaining about what you don’t have, how can you ever be happy? Certainly, strive for better, but be grateful for what you have. Most importantly of all, be grateful to yourself. Thank yourself for your achievements. Even the small achievements all add up and push you those few steps forward, closer to achieving your life goals.

Appreciating what you have, what you are and what you’ve achieved will naturally lead to a better sense of self-worth. An improved self-esteem is something we’d all love, right? Similarly, appreciating those around you will also form part of this virtuous circle and pathway to more happiness. Your appreciation of others will reflect on you. You’ll appear to be a nicer, more attractive human being. People will appreciate you more in return. But, obviously, be genuine in your appreciation. No one likes a big fat phoney.

Make that change

Maybe a change is what you need

And if there are things you’re genuinely unhappy with in your life, things you really can’t find that angle on in order to be grateful, take a step back and think about how to change them. Imagine your utopia. How does your reality differ? What can you change immediately? What might take a bit more time? What might stop you, and how can you get around this? You can even be grateful that you have the self-awareness and sufficient perspective to be able to identify what’s making you unhappy and you have the drive, determination and, yes, ability to make changes.

You DO Have a Choice

Remind yourself how good you really are. And examine how great you could be. You always have a choice, even if it doesn’t appear so. Things can always be worse, so why let them be. Move forward rather than dwelling on the past and show yourself some appreciation, because you’re brilliant.

Go on, give it a go. I’ll start. I’m grateful that 3 years ago I managed to summon up the skills requiress to take in a stray cat and have her give birth in my living room leading to this fabulous fellow being in my life. His brother and sister also helped enrich the life of a friend of mine and his family.


And thanks to you. Thank you for reading. I’m really very grateful.


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