Your career and how to view it

How do you choose to think about your career? Back when I was at university, I had no idea what I wanted to be. I was doing a Marketing degree having switched out of Economics in my first year. I… Continue Reading →

Goals: Why aren’t you where you want to be?

Reflection It’s always useful to reflect. Take time out to ask ourselves a few questions and evaluate where we are. Have we achieved what we wanted to achieve? Are we hitting the goals we set for ourselves? Are we where… Continue Reading →

Procrastination and overcoming it

Rabbit holes I’ve written on procrastination before. I’ve gone through a period of it recently, so I thought I’d knock something together on the subject. I like to be organised. I love a good plan. Details, details, details. But sometimes,… Continue Reading →

Arbitrary Date Gets People Back on Track

Happy New Year. I hope you’re able to accomplish the many things you’re, no doubt, planning right now. As the saying goes, there are three different types of people in the world. “There are those who make things happen, those… Continue Reading →

Is your goal-setting holding you back?

Goals, goals, goals Coaches will speak about goals all the time. It’s a thread that runs through everything we do. After all, if you don’t have a goal, from where do you find your direction? How do you know where… Continue Reading →

How does Career Coaching work?

You might have arrived here thinking ‘What the heck is Career Coaching?’ Maybe you’re thinking of the careers officer who came to your school, chatted with you for ten minutes and told you to work on a farm because you… Continue Reading →

7 Coaching Myths

Coaching, Life Coaching, whatever you want to call it, is still shrouded in myths and confusion. There’s a whole diverse coaching industry out there, yet heaps of people don’t know what coaches do. And of those who do, there are… Continue Reading →

It’s Best to Invest

It’s Best to Invest …in yourself! Most people will spend more time choosing which brand of fish fingers to buy than deciding how to better themselves and push their lives one step forward. What would it be like to really… Continue Reading →

Sort out your commitment

Stick with the status quo? I’ve always been a bit, well, rigid. But where it came to making progress in my personal life, and my professional life to some degree, I could be very flexible. Flexible about gymming. Flexible about… Continue Reading →

A beginner’s guide to SMART goal-setting

…and why SMART is not enough So what is SMART? In the words of Mary Poppins while she was doing that summer job as a coach… Let’s start at the very beginning A very good place to start When you… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week Day 2: Celebrate achievement

You’re an individual. You’ll have many strengths your peers won’t have. That’s what makes you you. If someone compliments you, try to take it. You don’t need to say, ‘oh, it was nothing’ or ‘person X would have done it… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week Day 1: Appreciate life

Disciplines like counselling tend to concentrate on the past, moving someone from a negative space back to the equilibrium. Coaching can be seen as a forward-looking discipline. It supports people through their progression to a more positive state. As such, it goes… Continue Reading →

Confidence Week: 5 steps to a more confident you

I recently wrote about fear. The flip side of this is, of course, confidence. The greater your confidence, the more effective you’ll be in combating your fears. People who lack confidence often look over at their, seemingly, more confident peers… Continue Reading →

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