You Are More Than Your Finances

What did wealth mean to you 10 years ago? What does it mean to you now? Has it changed? Does it change depending on how healthy your finances are looking at the time?

The word ‘wealth’ often equates to money for a lot of people, but it’s much more than that. When we say ‘I wish I had a £1m’, what we’re really saying is ‘I wish I could do all the many things I think £1m could allow me to do.’ But is that realistic? If you made ‘£1m’ as your goal, how easy is that to dismiss as being unrealistic? For some, it’s both realistic and achievable. For many, even if it could be achievable, as a goal, it’s ineffective.

But the truth is wealth is more than money – it’s freedom. Freedom from money controlling you. It’s the freedom to do, share and give. Make 2018 the year of wealth — your year of freedom.

How a Financial Coach Can Help You

A Financial Coach is not a Financial Adviser. A Financial Coach will not sell you any finance products. They won’t tell you what’s the best product on the market or find the best interest rates for you. As a Financial Coach I can help you build a better relationship with money and your finances. Through coaching techniques, we can work towards you becoming calmer, more in control and confident about your financial situation – whatever that situation might be. Where, in the past, it might have been tempting to shy away from accepting your financial situation and developing robust plans to change it, we’ll work together to bring about greater engagement in your finances. This will lead to a sense of empowerment and put you on a course to achieve your financial goals.

Financial coaching sessions can also help you gain insight into what’s behind your financial behaviour, clear some of the obstacles in the way of your financial success and enable you to feel better equipped and motivated to tackle financial challenges.

I’m not a financial adviser and I don’t sell financial products or receive any commission or payment from third parties. I aim to help you develop strategies and plans to enable you to then put your finances, however vast or tight they may be, to work for you.


If you’d like to know more about how Financial Coaching can help you, get in touch.