How’s your week going? How was Monday morning? Did you leap out of bed fist-pumping the air and high-fiving the cat, or was there a touch of the Monday blues? I hope it was more towards the former, but if not, maybe it’s time for a career change.

Career change can be scary

Making that leap to change role, job, or career or to start a new business can be a scary thought. Where do you start? For many, they have a passion for this change, but it’s something they’ll do ‘one day’. It’s a dream. But why is that? Why does it have to be an unrealised dream? Thousands of people are achieving this step every year. With the right mindset, determination and support, anyone can focus their career aspirations and achieve what they want to achieve.

Here’s a short account a recent client kindly wrote (reproduced with permission):

I’ve been successful. I’ve had a long career in IT. I started on a grad scheme and quickly moved up into a management role. I continued to do similar roles well for about ten years. I was comfortable financially. I had good people around me. But something was missing. As the years rolled on, this became more and more apparent to me. I became tired of being over-worked and under-valued. My career had become a job to me. What was originally a passion for me had become something I had to get through. I was making less and less of a positive impact on myself, my family and the world around me. Nonetheless, I persevered in this no-man’s-land for about two years.

I had a pretty rancid day where I’d been publicly berated by my newish manager. Things had been pretty awful since he joined the department – for me and many of my colleagues. But this day really woke me up. I had to do something. I didn’t know what, but yes, I needed to do something.

I decided that I’d leave. I had nothing to go to, but right there and then, my health was more important. I talked the situation through with family and friends. Some were supportive. Some thought I was crazy to leave without securing another job first. I stuck to my guns and resigned. I was scared, but I did it.

Very soon after resigning, it was like the clouds had cleared and the sun came out. I don’t mean I was jumping for joy, but I was able to think much more clearly. And that’s really where my journey began.

This client is now in the process of growing her personal training business.

As you can see, it’s easy to get stuck. You might not even realise it. It might take something significant to give you the kick to move forward.

Take control

You can take control of where you go in your career, whether it’s a promotion, a career change or a complete move into something new. A coach can help you with this entire process. We can explore what it is that motivates you. What you want to get out of your work life and your private life. We can work on planning a series of actions that, once you carry them out, can move you closer to your dream. Or to put it another way, making that dream into an achievement. And it goes without saying that your coach with support you for as long as it’s needed and hold you to account. If you’d like to discuss what coaching can do for you, get in touch.

So, what’s your next career step?